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Everyday life always gives me the opportunity to observe life through my camera lens.  By capturing these moments, I hope to bring the world along on my journey.

Engine #40
Constellation in Baltimore
American Eagle with Moon
Edison Library Books
Merchant Marine Memorial
King Tut
SR-71 Blackbird
Sea Shells
Glider Operations
Coffee. Sign
MARC Train
Glass Negs
Blue Iris
Engine Graveyard
On Final Into Newark, NJ
Fish in the Red Sea
Baltimore Harbor
Steam Engine 40
Sailing on the Nile
Happy Fish 15MAR23
T-Bird in Gettysburg
Mill Gear B&W
Magnolia Tree
Rubber Sample
Tulip Paint
Aviation Moon
Mexican Sunflower
Stature of Pharroh with Gods
Seagull Ballet
Green Leaf
Tomcat Parade
Sailing on the Bay
Sky Highway
Over the Top WW1 Memorial
Navy Helicopters
Aircraft Prop
Motocycle Burnout
Dolphin Jump
Foker DR1 Triplane
King of the Jungle
Sea Oats #1
Sunflower and Hummingbird
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