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Scenic landscapes, beautiful sunrises and much more.  Travel and photography were meant to be together.  The camera is my passport to the world.

Engine #40 Train
Swiss Alps
Great Falls Maryland #1
Beach Sunrise
Bicycle on  Beach
Workshop #1
Baltimore Harbor
Pyramids from Cairo Tower
Gettysburg Fall
Caboose in PA
MJK Memorial
USMC Memorial Fog
River and Sun
Bay Bridge
Snow with Sun
Cove Point Lighthouse
Blue Skies
Cairo Pyramids
Edison Library
Pelicans in Flight
Brooklyn Bridge B&W 2
Barge on Canal
Empire State Building
Yellow Boat on the Bay
The DC Mall
Gettysburg Cemetary
Cairo Book Seller
Daytona Lighthouse
Lincoln Memorial
Sunrise Seas
Cairo Tower
Snowy River
Foggy Morning
C&O Canal Boat
Sunset El Faiyum
Orange Flower
Ellicott City Street
Aerial of Cairo
Fall Forrest Walk 1
GWB Pano Sun
Rail Yard Baltimore
Calvert Cliffs
Jefferson Memorial
Sailing Moon
Night Sky with Snow
Fall Cabin
Turkey Point Lighthouse
Oyster Boat B&W
Cascade Falls
Lighthouse Sunset
Orange Chairs
Portsmouth Shipyards
Orange Bug in Cairo
Bollman Truss Bridge Winter
Sunset Gettysburg Canon
Kilgore Falls
Palm Trees 1
Burnside Bridge
Bay Bridge
Sea Oats
Thomas Point
Saturn V Projection
Nile River Sunset
Forrest Path MD
Empire State Building
New Hampshire Light in Fog
Bay Bridge
Liberty Reminder
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